Elderly Jewish people, those living in small towns and villages near Moscow and living on meager pensions, could not afford to go to Moscow to visit the Chamah Humanitarian Center and Day Care Center for the Elderly. It is expensive and impossible even to buy train tickets to get to Moscow.


In 1999 Chamah started a new project aimed to support Jewish elderly, who lived in 23 settlements 60 120 km from Moscow.


Today, Chamahs project Podmoskovye covers 2000 people from 44 settlements. Chamah provides them with food, welfare, medical and social services. Following are the vital programs provided.


Supermarket receiving food products at their homes. 957 seniors receive this help.


Program for Diabetics 150 people get medications and special food.


Home care 219 sick people, who are bedridden, are cared by 109 medical nurses. They feed, wash the bedridden patients, and help with household chores.


Medicine andDiapers programs 75 people receive free prescription medicine and hygienic items every month.


Medical equipment 192 people use the necessary equipment, such as wheelchairs etc.


SOS program every month 3 people receive help in case of an urgent emergency. They are provided with refrigerators, washing machines, gas stoves.

They receive payment for surgical procedures, funeral expenses, etc.


Moked program 4-6 people are helped by this program by fully cleaning their homes on a monthly basis.



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